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Vanessa Lee, Savanna Wyld

October 4th, 2015 Author: bbw

It’s dinner at Vanessa and Savanna Wyld’s house, but these hot BBWs are hungry for fuckhole instead! Full-bodied brunette, Savanna Wyld sluts her thick sexy body in red thongs while latina, Vanessa Lee has on a form-fitting nightie. They sit side by side and masturbate their moist cunny holes on the couch. Now that appetizers are over and done with, it’s time for the main entree! Savanna Wyld spreads her legs and loses herself completely to Vanessa’s wily tongue and fully-charged sex toy. Watch these gals fill up on some much-needed strap-on lesbian banging!

Kimmie Lee, Chole Lee

October 1st, 2015 Author: bbw

Massive titty cutie Chole is masturbating on her bed one day, using both hands to bang her sloppy hole. With one hand she uses a large pink vibrator which she thrusts roughly in and out of her coochie with the other hand she holds a rabbit rubber cock which she uses exclusively on her clit. Lucky for her, her hefty rump girlfriend Kimmie turns up, jumping onto the bed and taking over the pleasuring duties. Kimmie has brought along her favorite strap-on, and she bends little Chole over and pounds her fat ass from the back, really hitting her good. Young Chole really takes a rough strap-on pumping in this one – BBW Kimmie doesn’t hold back!

Glory Foxxx, Britney

September 27th, 2015 Author: bbw

This is a BBW full-on bang fantasy of epic proportions! Glory Foxxx and Britney are damn sexy wearing nary a stitch in this lesbian video full of lesbo kink. Glory Foxxx shows off her hefty water melon titties and Britney, like a good bitch, sucks on her nips. Having done her job, Britney gets out the crazy strap-on shlong and lays Glory Foxxx on her back and pounds that naughty twat! They do every sexual position imaginable, don’t miss the sensual 69 where each tramp gets a mouthful of hot piping snatch!

Venus, Victoria

September 24th, 2015 Author: bbw

Venus and Victoria find themselves home alone on a Friday night, so they decide to masturbate side by side on the sofa wearing nothing more than their high heels. Both divas have got small rabbit style rubber dicks which they use on their aching clits, casting surreptitious glances at each others’ voluptuous bodies. Of course, why should they masturbate solo when they can pleasure each other with their hands and their mouths – a much more satisfactory outcome! Venus goes first, tonguing out chunkier Victoria and making her jizz right over her face. The beauties switch back and forth several times, including using a big shlong shaped dildo.

Nomi, Dwayne Cummings

September 20th, 2015 Author: bbw

Nomi is pretty close to a super sized BBW ebony babe, and she just loves showing off every single one of her curves. Her booty is simply delicious, and she loves bouncing it all over the place. She is also in the mood to take a giant fat pecker down her throat. Dwayne Cummings is more than happy to help her out in this respect, and he ends up getting a nice long mouthing before he climbs on top of this enormous black babe and starts pumping away. Her rump is jiggling like a motherfucker once he gets settled in to his rhythm, and she ends up having one hell of an orgasm.

Milk Shaker, Dwayne Cummings

September 17th, 2015 Author: bbw

Milk Shaker has oversize boobs, plenty of cushion for the pushin and a snatch that is as soft as a moist cupcake. She walked into the room and didn’t hesitate to start sucking Dwayne Cumming’s long dong. She got him good and hard then laid back and let him drill that dripping biscuit. He hit it hard, flipped it over and hit it doggy style then put her flat on her back and watched her boobs jiggle as he slammed away on her. That snatch was good so he couldn’t last long. He pulled out and let her use her oral skills to make his manhood explode all over her starving mouth.

Jordan Taylor, Kimmie Lee

September 12th, 2015 Author: bbw

Nothing like some punk rock BBW dykes to shake up your day. Streaked blond, Jordan Taylor has sexy star tattoos all over her sexy hips and black-haired Kimmie Lee has pale, creamy skin. These fat models pleasure their moist holes and get down to business, banging each others’ tight beavers with a thick-booty strap-on dildo. After Jordan gets Kimmie’s fuckhole juice to run freely, she perches her lips next to her hole to lap up all that luscious lady nectar. These hard core chicks simulate all the normal acts between stud and girl, but it’s just so much hotter with no boys and just toys!

Jackie, Leola Rose

September 11th, 2015 Author: bbw

Jackie and Leola Rose have wanted to hear each other scream their names in pure unbridled passion for far too long, and today in the studio’s green room on the floor they get down and dirty for the first time! Getting dripping and moaning as they penetrate their bread risers with toy after toy they lose themselves in the pleasure of finally getting to explore their gentle bodies. Fingers and tongues, dildos and rubber dicks are just some of the weiners they use while trying to get the other to orgasm first and loudest!

Alize, Dwayne Cummings

September 5th, 2015 Author: bbw

Alize is a chubby black amateur with a great black ass, quite a bit of deepthroating skill, and a handy cock to use it all on. She ends up with her mouth wrapped around Dwayne Cummings’ pecker, working up and down until he can hardly stand it. He is so sensitive from the blowjob that he almost ejaculates the second she puts her coochie on his manhood, but he hangs on for some rather satisfying ebony bbw banging. She certainly appreciates all the attention, moaning and jiggling up and down on that shaft of his.

Camila, Paula

September 3rd, 2015 Author: bbw

Today’s two treats are two fine, mature BBW lesbos, Camila and Paula. Red-head Camila impresses in a see-through sheer body suit with a large, gaping hole where her exposed slit is! Paula slides off her top and plops a tit in her mouth – one of the benefits of having big floppy boobs. Camila straps on her plastic donger and drives it into Paula’s fuckhole from doggy-style. Over and over until she’s positively bellowing in pleasure. They exchange positions and Paula shows Camila who’s really in charge!

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