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Luscious, Dwayne Cummings

July 23rd, 2015 Author: bbw

Now this is one God damn massive cumshot for an absolutely humungous babe! Sexy black BBW Luscious has certainly got more cushion for the pushin. With extra sized curves like this, she needs a super big dick to satisfy – and the whopper belonging to stud Dwayne Cummings is absolutely perfect for her nasty ass. She gets a damn good fucking, bending over and taking it doggy and even grinding on top of the regular sized stud. Luscious has got massive titties, 100% natural and they jiggle like crazy while she gets pounded. When it comes, the cum explosion is massive and drenches her face, lips and jaw – this bitch gets covered!

Elizabeth, Elizabeth Rollings, Dwayne Cummings

July 19th, 2015 Author: bbw

The great thing about having a super large cock like black stud Dwayne Cummings is that you can take on any bitch you please. The man with the smaller sized penis has to limit his selection of bitches to girls that he deems will have small cunts. There’s nothing worse than getting hot and horny with a babe, sliding your prick inside but then finding that you barely touched the sides! So for most men, it means limiting themselves to the fitter and smaller chicks that are guaranteed to have small twats. Lucky Dwayne bangs this voluptuous bitch like crazy, and the fact that she is super plus sized doesn’t bother him. She gets the big dick!

Thunder Cat, Dwayne Cummings

July 16th, 2015 Author: bbw

Now this bitch is fucking huge and she loves to get messy! Her name is Thunder Cat and she is a stunning black BBW. She’s truly huge and you would have trouble getting her ass through a narrow doorway. She wears a blond wig which contrasts sharply against her dark black skin. She begins the scene posing on the bed, bending over so that you can see her huge, dimpled bottom. Dwayne gives it to her hard and deep, but the best part is when the plumper gets on top, bouncing and grinding on Dwayne’s pole while she looks directly into the camera. Dwayne explodes all over her face, splattering her with an absolutely stupendous load.

Jasmine, Dwayne Cummings

July 11th, 2015 Author: bbw

Perverted black stud Dwayne Cummings is at it again! Not content with fucking every white girl in town, he scored himself voluptuous black BBW Jasmine. This girl is absolutely fucking huge and this scene begins with a rather documentary look at her plus sized frame. She’s got large sagging breasts that hang over her belly, and round towards the back you have two massive ass cheeks, both bigger than the average man’s head. Dwayne gives her a rough dick pounding, hammering her in his specialist doggystyle position and making her fat rolls wiggle. He whips his prick out at the end and sprays her face. It’s a really massive cumshot!

Vanessa MacKenzie, Michelle

July 9th, 2015 Author: bbw

Vanessa is a beach dwelling beauty that likes romping with Michelle. They run across the beach and then into the house for some making out. These babes are making the most out of their last night together for the season. They fondle each other and massage each others slits. They lick each other’s snatch and each girl moans and wiggles within the grip of the other. Booties go in the air and boobs are squeezed in this sexy sex session. A strap on adds a deep doggystyle bang to this kinky good time. These girls don’t leave anything out when they pleasure each other. both gets eaten and banged until they reach a creamy climax

Gia Regency, Roxy Blaze

July 4th, 2015 Author: bbw

A sexy blond BBW is standing around half naked in her kitchen, talking on the phone and thinking about what she’s going to eat next, when an anorexic blond busts in, dressed in head to toe, bright yellow rain gear, and manhandles her to the floor. Pulling out a massive purple dildo, she shoves it down the fat tramp’s throat, making the blubbery bitch gag and choke in fear. Lucky for the fatty, the blond is here for pleasure, and the two dyke girls end up on the couch in a dirty 69, tonguing each others’ dripping beavers. The thin model dons a strapon and disciplines the fatty with it, making her suck it and then banging her with it.

Fiona Cheek, Michelle

July 2nd, 2015 Author: bbw

This is a really novel idea for a dyke scene – two hot babes get it on, but one is painfully thin, almost anorexic, while the other tramp is fuller figured with big boobs. The thinner blond slapper is the ringleader, coercing her partner to take off her clothes and spread her beaver for pleasuring. She gets out two dildos, alternating between the two as she works the fatty’s dripping clam until she’s shaking, screaming and cumming all over the place. She massive brunette is so grateful that she attempts to make the other model cream by licking and fingering her slot and then pumping the tight blond’s slippery vag with the two toys.

Sindee Williams, Crystal

June 27th, 2015 Author: bbw

Sindee Williams and Crystal were both horny as hell so they decided to help each other out. Sindee laid down and let Crystal pound her fat twat with a toy that was a oversize as a nightstick. She fucked her deep and hard until she came all over the toy. Iit was the ultra fine Crystal’s turn so she got on her hands and knees and let Sindee hammer that tight coochie from behind. She pounded her hard and true until Crystal was cumming her brains out all over the toy. Both hotties got off and were ready for some lunch and a nice nap together.

Sindee Williams, Dave Hardman

June 25th, 2015 Author: bbw

Remember all those beautiful jiggling titties on Baywatch? Well, we’ve got some swinging, hanging, fat knockers on patrol today! These jumbo horny women are looking to get all their rolls probed and prodded! A couple of chubby chasing mans are just what this fatties are craving…well that and a bag of Oreos. With the rest of her crew away, Sindee Williams is able to use her personal flotation devices to keep one new recruit from drowning in a sea of fat, sloppy slit!

Patty Parker, Rick Masters

June 20th, 2015 Author: bbw

Patty Parker is a horny lifeguard that entices Rick Master by feeding him and touching his thighs. She massages his penis and soon he is blowing on her tits. Patty hungrily attacks his knob and bobs her head up and down it; polishing his dome like a pro. This large slut then climbs aboard his shlong and rides him. Her boobs jiggle up and down while she rides him. Rick then gets her on all fours and starts pumping her from behind. When Rick flips her on her back his meatstick goes deep and she loves it. Patty rides him in reverse and he spoon bangs her from behind and then she starts giving him head and swallows all his cum.

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